Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our "Special Relationship" With Israel: Money Laundering for Arms

Its hard to think about big numbers.  Ten point two million is pretty incomprehensible to most voters, let alone what ten point two million a day would look like: $10,200,000.00  is how much we, the American people donate out of our paychecks to Israel a DAY for Military Spending.

"According to the report, the Obama Administration gave Israel $3.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2015 in direct bilateral military aid (also referred to as Foreign Military Financing or FMF). The U.S. government also gave $619.8 million for "joint" U.S.-Israel missile defense programs (designed to protect Israeli territory from potential outside threats), bringing total military aid to Israel to $3.7 billion per year.

Put another way, American taxpayers give Israel $10.2 million per day (in 2015).
This equals every single man, woman, child and infant in the US paying 11 bucks a year to give every Israeli man, woman and child 500 dollars a year.  Or being generous, every taxpayer paying $30 to give every Israeli $500.

So, why are we donating our hard earned dollars to a country with a surplus budget, that CAN afford free college, free healthcare and wonderful infrastructure in the terms of roads and such for its citizens, while we CANNOT afford to buy that for ourselves?

Its pretty simple, really.  Our bloated Military Budget already is a cause of concern for many people, and Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics cannot yet take a direct withdrawal from your checks.  (*Although the Insurance Industries can with the same compulsory mandate as paying Social Security)  Until they can, they need a way to get more money, with less oversight.

Most of our Military Aid to Israel is earmarked for purchase of weapons from our contractors.

"In November 2014 it was reported that Pentagon was going to supplying Israel with 3,000 smart bombs, similar to those used by the Israeli Air Force in Gaza last summer, where an estimated 100 tons of munitions were dropped.
The main contractors to fulfill the lucrative Israeli arms deal will be Boeing, Ellwood National Forge, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Missile Systems, AFP reported."
Our MIC has topped out what they can take from our budget.  It needs other ways to take more money from our pockets, to fill their own.

So, we give them our money to buy arms from our Military Industrial Complex.  From our pockets, to the pockets of the Richest Men in the US. 

Its money laundering.

They do much the same in the UK - and as money changer - keep their "Special" status all across the Western World, despite their War Crimes.

"Maybe they just need the armaments?" you may ask....

Israel has a huge Arms Manufacturing Industry, exporting 75% of their own arms for profit, to foreign militaries!

Lets Review the Perks and Pertinent Points, shall we?

~ Has so many guns, it sells 75% of what they make to sometimes questionable buyers.
~ Rakes US and UK Military "donations" from our tax dollars.
~ Chooses to purchase weapons it doesn't need from US Manufacturers
~ Gets to keep the leftover money not earmarked for US purchase for laundering the money.
~ ****Best Perk Ever**** "Special Relationship" = "Blind Support, no matter what they do."

So, if you ever wonder why Israel can pour white phosphorus on human fish trapped in a walled and barbed wired barrel, or why genocide is fine but boycotting isn't, or why we give that tiny, rich country so much money, and they set so much of our international policy?

Its because they help our rich people steal from us.

The rich own the politicians.

The politicians own our paychecks, and what comes out of it and where it goes.

Shakespeare couldn't have written a better Shylock role, except he omitted that this Shylock is doing quiet well, and the masters he Serves are doing even better.

The pound of flesh?  Comes from your wallet.  Your children's schools, healthcare, and futures.

And the US MIC munches that flesh with glee, with Israel as their delivery boy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stupor Tuesday

I'd really, truly, and without sarcasm be able to say that I am stunned that America is fucking stupid enough to really want a President Trump.

I cannot.  They played up the "librul Obama" card as he was passing legislation far to the right of Reagan, enough to make the right rabid; so that the only thing right-wing enough would be a fucking Nazi.  Its been 7 years, you still got your guns.  

I cannot.  They pulled out the most outlandish motherfucker they could think of to force-fuck the lesser of the two evil voters into absolutely bursting their spleens in terror. 

I mean seriously, as disgruntled as the class war has made us? There was a serious chance we might all defect.  Obama didn't save us, he gave us forced purchase, more trade agreements to suck our jobs away, more dronings, more war, and less privacy than his predecessor.   People were ready to defect to 3rd party, so sell-out Sanders was trotted out to make them enthusiastic again - golly hope and change we can believe in redux - but already ordained Clinton the Second. I'm sure some guy has a blue tie ready, too.

I cannot, because ONLY in this fucking country, would we elect a RICH mother fucker, to ease the pain of the POOR, because we believe that its the people poorer than us to blame for our condition, not the RICH mother fucker.  Has that janitor making 8 bucks an hour stole your pension?  How about that widow with 3 kids working at McDonalds, did she foreclose on you?  When is the last time you went field to field to pick strawberries, or layed brick in the Arizona sun, you assholes? 

Things are turning to shit faster than you can say, "Finish this quart before your colonoscopy," my friends. 

Because we are fucking stupid, and bred on hate. We love of the adrenaline of fear, almost as much as the bloodlust of revenge.  Donald Drumpf's (his real family name) father was in the KKK.  White America is the stupidest of the stupid.... and I wish I could say I was surprised.

I'm NOT.

Stupor Tuesday means the haters get to vent with the Trump.  The dreamers get to dream with the Bern.  And the PTB get continuity of government with Clinton.

It's been nice knowing you.